Goodbyes… (My last days as Marcus Clark TAFE Scott)

I’m writing this post on an old friend I’ll probably never see again; my office computer.

Well, I’m not sure. Today might be my last day as Marcus Clark TAFE Scott, but I’m still technically going to be working for TAFE NSW on the SMS project until my contract expires on October 31st. I might pop in again to the office before that. And I might actually have to technically resign before the 31st, but it’s all kind of the same thing.

And I’ve never really called myself Marcus Clark TAFE Scott, but I like motifs.

If you know the real Scott, you know how sentimental he is, but I’m actually really okay with this. It sucks saying goodbye to so many talented people I’ve had the opportunity to work with, but I’ve been feeling it’s time to step away from this project for a while. I’ve learned so much, and I am really grateful for the opportunity to expand my instructional design skills here, but I have been feeling a little stagnant recently. I’m looking forward to a change and a challenge!

What’s happening to SMS?

I’m not really going to comment too much on this. Read the IT News article on it. Basically the project is entering a new phase and for myself, that’s a good breaking point with the project.

So where are you going? What are you going to do?

I have a few things going, a few contracts are shaping up. I’d rather not go into details today. Of course, I will entertain good offers, so now’s your chance! But I think I’ll have more to announce in up coming days.

Do you have some photos of your last day?

You know what? I’m not even going to bother.

Perhaps I’m less sentimental this time around, but I’m just not feeling it.

I will say this, there are things I’m really going to miss about this gig. I won’t miss the 4:00 am wake ups, or the long zombie inducing commutes. But Marcus Clark is a beautiful historic building to work in, with some wonderful little hidden gems. Now, it’s really got some problems in the actual working spaces, but I love this old building. So much character.

The Marcus Clark building at Railway Square.
TAFE NSW is the guardian of some beautiful historic buildings, like the Marcus Clark Building at Railways Square, Ultimo.

I’m also going to miss the people on this project. I worked with some really talented people here, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to be outside my comfort zone. I really enjoyed the collaboration on the SMS Training Team and the Business Enablement Team, and I think we made some magic here.

One thing that really makes me smile is a prank they played on me earlier this year. It was a few weeks after Sammy died, and I really was not myself. I was mourning and trying to keep all that inside, but obviously my mood was apparent.

The Prank

It started off small, someone had cut a little one inch “Scott” from the Scott toilet paper wrapper and taped it to my monitor. I had no idea who put it there. A few days later, another Scott showed up attached to my monitor. Every day, the prankster added one or two more clippings. Maybe a Huntleys & Palmers biscuit wrapper, maybe a Special K logo.

My suspicions to the identity of the culprit rotated around the team. Surely it was Aboud, but he had an alibi. No doubt the evidence points to Nika? No. No this was a Julie type thing.

A mockup of a CSI team around my monitor.
I also mocked up subpoenas to compel people to testify.

I was looking for clues everywhere. Everyone seemed to have an alibi, but I had suspected everyone in the office at one time. I should have suspected literally everyone; it wasn’t quite teamwork, as they often tried to frame each other, but nearly everyone in the office was involved, adding their pieces whenever they could.

It was a good prank, and when it started edging close to the creepy line, they sensed it and stopped it. It was good-natured fun. And it showed me how much they cared for me and loved me as a comrade. Particularly as a comrade who’d lost his sense of humour for a while. What a wonderful thing.

My Own Pranks

I am known for my purposely bad Photoshop skills. And there was one awareness poster that did hang on our bulletin board for too long. So on April 1st, many other awareness posters joined it.

Hey, look at that, I did get sentimental after all

Goodbye SMS. I’ve had fun.

But it’s time for new challenges.


Kenneth “Scott” Huntley is an Instructional Designer, LMS and WordPress consultant, EdTech conference junkie and all-around general tech nerd.

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