Link: Breast cancer survivor microchips breast prosthesis to collect data on recovery

For me this has been an outlet or a way that I can express some control over something that has been a part of my life by being able to create something that others can use

Kathy Reid

An article about Kathy Reid’s work on a “smart breast” prosthesis was posted on ABC News today. It’s hoped the prosthetic breast will improve the recovery of breast cancer survivors.

I met Kathy at BuzzConf in 2015 and she gave one of the most interesting presentations of the conference. Implanted tech still completely freaks me out, but cancer sucks so I’m glad brilliant people like Kathy are working on this. I especially love her commitment to open-source; the design of her prosthesis is available to other researchers.

I have much respect for her work, and I hope you take a few minutes to read about it.


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