2019NVC and MootNZ19

One of the reasons I am getting the old blog back into shape is two upcoming conferences this spring – Velg’s National VET Conference and MoodleMoot New Zealand. I am pleased to announce I am going to be speaking at both these events.

2019NVC – September 12 & 13

I attended the National VET Conference for the first time last year in Adelaide, where I actually presented twice. It was impressive how professional this event was; I had heard of it many times but I didn’t know anyone personally who had attended and I was surprised when my speaking proposal was accepted. The audience is mainly private VET sector RTOs. I certainly think it’s worth getting involved as a sponsor and having a booth there if you cater to that community. If I were in my previous position, I think I’d be putting forth an argument that we should go.

National VET Conference, Sep 12 & 13, Brisbane

This year I’ll be presenting What to Consider when Selecting an LMS. I suppose some of you might suggest I go with one slide that says “Moodle“, but I’m going to try to be neutral. I’m actually going to present some thinking points to help people make their own list of considerations and candidates. We all have our biases, and I’ll admit I favour one particular LMS, but I always want people to walk away with something useful.

In addition, the secret title of this presentation is actually Ask a Web Guy Anything. I noticed last year a popular presentation was “Ask an ASQA Auditor Anything“. While my presentations last year were great, the crowd was small. And their questions were mostly not on the topic at hand but on their own technical issues. I wondered if there were many more questions but people were put off by the techy topic.

I wanted to present something a little more gentle, mainstream, and accessible. Something that wouldn’t discourage the casual crowd with questions like “Why should I pick Canvas over Sakai?” or “Does WordPress work with Moodle?

I was just concerned that while I might have three dozen questions, I equally might also have none. So my presentation is ready to go, but if you’re there and want to hit me with any kind of tech question, I’ll go until they kick us both out.

MootNZ19 – October 1 to 3

I’m headed to Auckland this spring for MoodleMoot New Zealand!

Auckland City skyline at night.
Image by Image by Bharat Kumar from Pixabay

It was going to be hard to miss this one. Stuart Mealor and everyone at HRDNZ have become good friends over the years. HRDNZ, the New Zealand MoodlePartner, are running the Moodle Conference at Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland. Stu and HRDNZ really put their heart and soul into everything they do and this will be the third time I’ll attend one of their Moots. And there are going to be plenty of ELearningWorld writers there for this Moot – it’s going to be wild.

I’m very proud to announce I will be speaking at the Moot, and running a few workshops. I have something special planned for the Community Day, but I’m also going to present WordPress to Moodle and back again and something on Conditional Activities in Moodle. I also have workshops planned for using CSS and Moodle Quizzes. I’m going to be busy!

I really love that there’s going to be an H5P day at this conference. You might remember both Stu and I attended the H5P Conference in Melbourne last December. We both came away with so much inspiration. It’s a fantastic tool that I haven’t had nearly enough time to play with. I really want to dig into the code; I’ve been doing a lot of JavaScript programming at work lately and I’ve wanted to build some custom H5P activity. But who has the time? I’m hoping to find some between then and now to start. But if not, at the very least, I’m building an H5P Virtual Tour with the 360° photos I took at Tokyo Disneyland.

Anything else?

Well, this weekend is WordCamp Brisbane, and I’m going to totally suffer from FOMO as the tweets come in. I really wanted to go, but it wasn’t in the cards. Have fun everyone.

But on the horizon is WordCamp Sydney, November 16 & 17. I’m looking forward to that one, so stay tuned.


Kenneth “Scott” Huntley is an Instructional Designer, LMS and WordPress consultant, EdTech conference junkie and all-around general tech nerd.

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