Old Podcasts and New H5P Content

I just wanted to share some exciting items that came up in my social media feeds the last few days.

ElearningWorld Podcast

On my LinkedIn feed this morning, I noticed this from ELearningWorld: they’re launching the podcast. Free Moodle used to have a podcast (and you can still listen to the old shows), but that podcast feed is going to be relaunched under the ELearningWorld brand. This is great news, they’re promising some great content about Moodle and more. And I’m hoping for some great interviews with ELearning professionals in New Zealand, Australia and beyond.

I will admit I knew this announcement was coming, having been in touch with ElearningWorld and Stuart quite a bit lately. But I’m just going to keep all my other secrets under my hat for now.

New H5P Content Types

My social media – Twitter, Facebook, and our internal Workplace social media – has been blowing up lately with people excited by news from Norway! H5P has finally dropped some new content types!

This is, of course, Branching Scenarios, something that was demonstrated at the H5P Conference in Melbourne in December. I thought this was the gem of the conference, and if you want to know why, check out the
Skills Practice: A Home Visit demo in the Branching Scenarios link above. This activity is an award-winning
simulation of a social worker on a home visit. It’s a serious topic, and how they engage students studying this field is so powerful.

You might recall I proposed similar activities could be built using Moodle’s Lesson activity. I still think this is an interesting use for Lesson, and I haven’t done a straight one-to-one comparison between the two. But creating the Scott & Finnegan Simulation for Fortnightly Tips took a significant amount of time. I think H5P’s Branching Scenarios may have an edge here for ease of creation. Perhaps this would be an interesting comparison, maybe even the subject for a presentation at an upcoming elearning conference, if you’re looking for a topic for your next CFP.

I should also note that H5P also released the Virtual Tour (360) content type as well. This looks interesting, a way to add a 360 degree photo to a course, and add annotation. There’s also the ability to add a link to the next 360 degree photo, similar to steps on a tour. I think this has some potential, although I did find it frustratingly slow to load the example. This again was something we noticed at the H5P Conference – content from H5P.org was slow to load. Is Australia’s internet to blame? The short answer I’m told is yes, so I think it’d be best to give these new content types a go on my local dev Moodle or even this WordPress site before I judge.

Look forward to some fun H5P experiments in the future. And if possible, I’ll link to my friends giving it a go too. I know Julian, Sharon and Vernon are itching to play with all the new toys.

Blended Learning Studies Summary

This literally came into my mailbox as I was writing this post. My coworker has forwarded on this article summarising 10 blended learning studies presented in 2018. I did a brief scan and it looks link some interesting reading. I thought I’d share it along. Let me know what you think!

Radio Image by MichaelGaida on Pixabay


Kenneth “Scott” Huntley is an Instructional Designer, LMS and WordPress consultant, EdTech conference junkie and all-around general tech nerd.

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