Link: Learning Technologist – A dear child has many names

No wonder it is really complex figuring out what a learning technologist can offer when they can vary so much.

Source: Learning Technologist – A dear child has many names

Sharon Lehman posted a link to this blog post in our internal TAFE NSW social network today. I don’t know Karoline Nanfeldt, but she probably wouldn’t surprised to hear this idea of “what do we call ourselves” was discussed in the hallway track at the H5P Conference in December. Julian Davis and I had a few conversations about this over a cup of coffee on the balcony. (We recommended a few titles for each other, the scoundrel!)

My official job title is SMS Learning Designer1. The odd thing is I distinctly remember applying for the role of SMS Instructional Designer. I think I prefer Learning Designer over Instructional Designer, but Instructional Designer sounds more accurate. Am I designing learning? That sounds very grand, but in the end, we’re trying to design the best way to deliver the instructions for this specific program.2

In Karoline’s post, she outlines a spectrum. Instructional Designer to Technology Support horizontally, and from Specialist to Jack-of-all-Trades vertically.  I’m certainly to the right horizontally towards Techie. I suppose a little north of the horizon towards Specialist with my preference towards Moodle. But I’m reminded of my web designer/developer days when I realised the best were those right in the middle of the spectrum and I pushed myself to be less-code-monkey-more-artiste. Always try to find that balance. Food for thought.

What do you think – what are your names for our dear child?


  1. The SMS part has caused confusion, and occasionally I get asked about mLearning. SMS is a project at TAFE NSW, hence how it fits into my title
  2. Neither title helps my mother figure out what I’m doing. In a recent call home, Mom told me she’s proud I’m back teaching students again. I had to explain that while I returned to TAFE, I had not returned to the classroom.


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