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I’m very happy to announce that I’ve joined the cadre of collaborators on ElearningWorld is a blog written for and by professionals interested in Moodle and eLearning, and is funded by HRDNZ, New Zealand’s Moodle Partner. This came about after I ran into Stuart Mealor at the excellent H5P Conference in Melbourne in December. It was good to catch up with Stuart again, and he asked me if I was interested in joining up.

My H5PCon2018 lanyard
Did I mention how much of a blast I had at H5PCon2018? Met up with some old friends, met some new ones, and learned a lot about a great edtech tool.

You might recognise HRDNZ, as I’ve written about them before. They have run MoodleMoots in New Zealand, including MootNZX where I was an Invited Speaker. The good people at HRDNZ have also been very active participants at the iMoots, run by my former colleagues at Pukunui. So they’re old friends and I’m very happy to contribute.

There are some great voices on the blog, including some friends of mine like Tabitha Parker, Gareth Barnard, Justin Hunt and of course the secretive EdTech Geek. I’m excited to be counted amongst these respected Moodle and education technology experts.

I’m still exploring my voice on ElearningWorld, but my first articles will be on the Asian Pacific edtech conference scene, and how to grow your professional development network.

While I do recommend you visit the ElearningWorld site to read these expert’s articles else’s, I intend on syndicating my articles here on my blog. I did much the same when I was writing on Pukunui’s blog, and it worked well enough to inspire a few presentations last year on the topic (at 2018NVC, ePortforum, and EdtechPosium). So keep an eye out for the Syndicated From ElearningWorld category.

There might be more news related to ElearningWorld and HRDNZ in the future; I don’t want to tip my hat just yet. But for now, I am excited about 2019 and about contributing to this project. My first article should be published tomorrow, so look out for it here or by following my feed on the main site.


Kenneth “Scott” Huntley is an Instructional Designer, LMS and WordPress consultant, EdTech conference junkie and all-around general tech nerd.

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