Link: Should we speak nicely to our devices?

It’s a device… not a person… surely they don’t have feelings. Do they?

Source: Should we speak nicely to our devices?

Article by Sharon Lehman, a TAFE NSW colleague (and friend) of mine about how we treat our AI. Sharon raises some interesting questions about our society and how we’ll have to come to grips with non-human participants in our society. Now there’s a weird sentence!

I have two more related articles based on this:

  • A few years ago I read about school kids bullying a Japanese shopping robot, and I thought “how human”, in the worst possible way. Disheartening, but not surprising.
  • hitchBot, the hitchhiking robot which really wasn’t a robot in my nitpicking opinion, made it across Canada and Germany but hitching across America was just not going to happen.

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum is the study that found it’s harder to turn off a machine that’s begging for its life.

Forget Arnold Schwarzenegger, if Skynet wants to kill us, it will send back tiny little cute critter terminators that cry and beg you not to hurt them just before shooting you when you hesitate.  Now that’s terrifying.


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