I thought I’d play around with some of the image and gallery blocks available in Gutenberg (WordPress’ new editor). And what better subject than Finolhu?  In May, my wife and I took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Maldives. I had always been fascinated with this country after seeing photos of the capital Malé as a child. I thought it looked so weird rising from the sea. So I was very pleased to go to Malé and on to a resort for a week this year.

An old combi van, now acting as an information booth.
Finolhu had a funky retro vibe. Here’s the Mission Control Combi on display.

Finolhu has a very retro vibe. We went in May, which is off-peak, but just at the start of the off-peak season. If the place looks a little quiet in the photos, it was, which was the way we liked it. No lines, no waits, just great service. We went to relax, not party all night in the club. Although a few afternoons were spent socialising in the bar. Going offseason was a gamble with the weather, but it paid off. We lost a day to rain, and there we a few overcast afternoons, but it was only for a few hours, nothing that would dampen the fun.

Would I go again? Yes, both my wife and I enjoyed it immensely. We do question though if it was Finolhu or the Maldives or just the resort experience that we enjoyed. I suppose if we saw another deal for Finolhu, we’d jump at it, but we’re keeping an eye out for other deals.

Around the main resort area

We had a very nice villa on the sunset side. That private infinity pool was used every day. 

A trip to the crab shack

On our final full day, we went out to the crab shack. This restaurant was across the lagoon, and on the map it was on the separate island of Kanufusheegaathufinolhu. However, a sandbar connected it to the main island so we could have walked, about a kilometre and a half from the main resort. We decided to take the red boat across to save a little walking. We wanted to head out to another two islands – Medhufinolhu and Ufuligiri. These islands form a little half ring around the lagoon.

A panorama on the way to Medhufinolhu

The trip did wonders for me, very relaxing. Much needed and much enjoyed.  I might add some videos to this post at a later date, but I don’t have too many. I am also thinking of adding a post from my tour of Malé, and from the days we spent in Hong Kong and Macau on the way home from the Maldives.

Scott, relaxed
Me, very relaxed at the resort


Kenneth “Scott” Huntley is a Learning Designer with TAFE NSW (Technical and Further Education, in New South Wales in Australia) and WordPress instructor with The Parramatta College.

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