Conferences in 2018

2018 has been a weird year for me; I haven’t attended the usual number of conferences. Well, the reality is, I probably will, they’re just smushed all into September and October.

2018 National VET Conference

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of speaking at the 2018 National VET Conference run by Velg Training in Adelaide. This conference had been on my wishlist for a while so it was a real pleasure to have two proposals accepted by them.

Scott's luggage in his hotel room, finally.
The prettiest sight in all of Adelaide.

The conference was fantastic, albeit marred by an incident that happened to me on my journey to Adelaide; it was my first flight with Virgin Australia and they celebrated by delivering me to Adelaide and my luggage to Canberra. It might be a first world problem, but it was a bit of a pain to be stuck in my work clothes after a long flight. And an even worse feeling to dress in them the next day. I contemplated skipping the opening, but I was glad I did not. And I was even more glad to receive a text halfway through from the hotel alerting me that I had clean clothes again.

I did have to skip a few sessions; one to dealing with my lost bag, and one to a Skype meeting for work that I couldn’t miss, but there were some very good sessions that I was able to attend. Velg Training’s own Kerri Buttery ran a very good session on online tools for classroom engagement, and there was an interesting session on a pilot program using Virtual Reality to train in Victoria. A standout keynote by Michael McQueen kicked off Day Two with a look into the future of teaching based on the technology and social trends foreseeable.

The roulette wheel at the Velg Casino at 2018NVC

Velg Training also threw a pretty awesome welcome function on the Thursday evening with a casino themed party. It was a lot of fun, and probably one of the better conference social functions I’ve attended. That said, I wished someone would have organised something for the Friday night. I do hate how some conferences peter out at the end. I suppose perhaps that’s just me.

Overall, I enjoyed the 2018 National VET Conference. I was surprised with how many people attend, and I was impressed with the quality of the presentations. I will be submitting my application to speak at the 2019 conference as soon as they open up the call for submissions.

Oh right, how did I go?

Title Screen for my 2018NVC Bootstrap talk
Title Screen for my 2018NVC Bootstrap talk

I presented twice, once on WordPress to Moodle (and back again) using RSS, and once on HTML, CSS and Bootstrap Hacks. I was uncharacteristically a little nervous for the first presentation; I’m not sure why, perhaps I was just out of practice. I found my stride for the second presentation. WordPress to Moodle using RSS was actually an old Fortnightly Tips topic that I wanted to bring to a wider audience. It’s a fun talk that I’m quite proud of. And as an old TAFE web teacher, you know I had fun with my second topic.

I was somewhat disappointed with the low turn out for my talks, but there were eight streams, and this was not a technical audience. The room was large, the crowd was small, and the energy was hard to read, so I left the stage after the first one feeling deflated. However, I received some positive feedback in that I heard “your slides are so easy to understand, I think even I could do this!” Based on the questions from the crowd after both sessions and in the hallway, I think perhaps next year I should just pitch a “ask me Web and LMS questions” session!

Conferences Coming Up!

This October, I’ve got a few conferences coming up. First is the 2018 Eportfolio Forum in Brisbane on October 9th & 10th. This one is going to be very much out of my comfort zone; I don’t really work with ePortfolios, and I ridiculously submitted a proposal for a 20×20 session – that’s 20 slides with 20 seconds each (on automatic timer setting). I put my hand up for this exactly because it’s outside my comfort zone. It’s a challenge, and I think I’m going to learn quite a bit about ePortfolios.

The iMoot Globe
The iMoot Globe

The end of October has two other eLearning Conferences smooshed together with iMoot and EdTechPosium. I was thinking of skipping iMoot because I have so much on that week but how could I? iMoot is an online conference bringing together educational practitioners from around the world. It’s the best value conference ticket you’ll buy this year. It’s run by Pukunui, which you probably know, is a company I used to work for. In fact, the Bootstrap talk I presented at 2018NVC is a (not quite but kind of) derivative of a talk I gave at iMoot last year. iMoot 2018 will run from October 25th to October 28th.


EdTechPosium is one of my favourite local edtech conferences. I’ve gone every year since 2015, back when it was MoodlePosium. I’ve described it a few times in past posts, so I won’t again except that I love the community feel to this conference, and I love catching up with old friends there. The earlybird registration on this one closes soon, so be sure to buy a ticket. And I’m pleased to say I’ll be presenting twice at EdTechPosium this year! Come join me on October 29th and 30th.

My WCBNE lanyard
My 2017 WCBNE lanyard

Hey, looking for something else to jam into that last weekend of October? October 27th and 28th I’ll be attending WordCamp Brisbane. Yes, I’m going to do my own personal WordPress to Moodle and Back Again literally bouncing between conferences. WordCamp Brisbane was a great time last year, and I’m looking forward to returning this year.

More about these conferences as we get closer to the date.

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  • 2018-10-29 at 4:11 PM

    Hi Scott! I loved your talk about Plugins at WordCamp Brisbane on Saturday. I typed furiously as you were listing the best Plugins, and started plugging them in that night. I’d have to say, my favourite so far is WordFence. I will never be able to thank you enough for your input into my humble website. I was wondering why I had accumulated almost 750 Users – from Who-Knows-Where. Now I know – thanks to WordFence. I can safely say that probably about 700 (or more) of them are up to no good. Now all I have to do is start deleting them and blocking their access. Mind you, I still don’t know how they are signing up as Users but I wish I did – ‘cause then I could exploit it and get a lot more ‘real’ Users. Ah, it’s a steep learning curve, but I’ll keep on climbing. Thank you again!

    • 2018-10-29 at 4:52 PM

      Oh thank you so much Maureen. I’m so glad you enjoyed my talk. When it’s up on WordPress.TV, I’ll be sure to link to it here, and my SlideShare might make it a little sooner. It sounds like you have a good idea for tackling those bot users, let me know how it goes. Hope to see you at WCBNE19!

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