Pukunui opens the 2016 Mini iMoot archives

It’s the first time I’ve written that headline since leaving Pukunui, but it’s happened again! Pukunui, the organisers of iMoot, the largest online LMS conference has just released all the presentations from the 2016 Mini iMoot. Mini iMoot and iMoot are held annually, with mini iMoot around October or November and the big show held every May. Regrettably, Mini iMoot was cancelled this year. I think there were just too many LMS & Moodle conferences around this time competing for attention (with MoodleMoot AU and EdTechPosium, and the MoodleMoot in the US as well). But perhaps this will help you get your iMoot fix.

The TAFE NSW iMoot

This Mini iMoot had a TAFE flavour to it, mostly because I heavily pushed my TAFE friends to present!

This Mini iMoot was a special one for me; you might recall I was one of the Keynote Speakers for Mini iMoot 2016. I was fairly new to Pukunui, and still not sure what I was in for, but this was one of the highlights of my time there. I did try to bring a TAFE NSW feel to the Mini iMoot, encouraging my TAFE network to present. I managed to convince Sharon Lehman and Brett McCroary to present.

Sharon, an Instructional Designer from North Coast, I knew mostly from Twitter and Engage – TAFE NSW’s internal conference. I don’t know Sharon very well, but we have been working with the same teams lately, so I’m getting to know her better.

Brett, well he’s a good mate now; we kind of knew each other from MoodleMoot 2015 but we certainly became mates at MoodleMoot 2016. Poor Brett’s iMoot presentation was interrupted by massive Internet problems. I hope he presents again at a future iMoot. I think iMoot needs guys like Brett too; he’s a carpentry teacher at TAFE Illawarra using Moodle for blended learning, and while I love my iMoot friends, most of us are from the instructional design or programming crowd. Brett brings a real practical, refreshing down to earth experience.

There was more TAFE feel to Mini iMoot 2016 with presenters Julian Davis and Natalie Denmeade as well.

Julian was formerly at SWSi TAFE, just like me! We didn’t really know each other from our TAFE days but we’re one degree apart with both of us being able to talk about old times with the same cast of characters. Julian has an amazing eLearning blog which I highly recommend. His presentation here on analytics is extremely useful on a personal level as I’ve been working on this recently.

I believe Natalie was still with North Coast TAFE, but she’s since moved on. Natalie is a great friend of mine and a real inspiration. I can’t say enough kind words about her, personally or professionally. She literally wrote the book on gamification in Moodle, and her presentation here shows some of that magic. It’s been too long since I’ve seen her, and now that she’s in Tanzania, it might be a little hard to catch up with her, but I love following her adventures.

Old Friends

There were many other awesome presentations at this iMoot, and I look through the list of those whom I now call friends:

  • Gareth J Barnard – you’ve no doubt come across Gareth’s themes and plugins if you’ve used Moodle recently – Essential and Grid are what I know him for. Gareth is an iMoot regular and I always enjoy chatting with him in Oranges Cafe.
  • Sean Marx – I don’t really know Sean too well, but he does have an excellent Moodle blog. Sean presented on his editor plugin Hubbl.
  • Stuart Mealor – I’m always saying good things about Stuart and HRDNZ. I know Stuart and his excellent team are already thinking about the next New Zealand MoodleMoot. I can’t wait to hear about where and when (rumours about Wellington are circulating). Stuart presented on his Mobile MOOC.
  • Karrie Vitti – Another iMoot regular, Karrie is a good friend and I’m enjoying revisiting her presentation on Online Literacy Communities.
  • Kim Salinas – Another old friend in the USA. Kim and I will attend the same Moot one day and finally meet in person. Her presentation here is on the MCCC.
  • Sarah Ashley – I love this presentation by Sarah! Sarah presents on 5 Creative Uses of the Database Activity. I hated the Database Activity. This presentation gave me inspiration to relook at Database. I’ve been waiting for this one to come online for a long time.
  • Ravi Murugesan – Another Twitter friend. I’m sorry I’m not going to make the Indian MoodleMoot. One year Ravi, I promise! Ravi presented on MOOCs using Moodle.
  • Andrew Chiu – I don’t know Andrew too well, but he does hang out with Pukunui Hong Kong quite a bit, and I’ve chatted a little at Oranges Cafe with Andrew. Time to rewatch his presentation on Moodle vs Google.
  • Vinny Stocker – Vinny is a rockstar. There are a lot of people behind iMoot, but Vinny is one half of team that does the hard yakka. Vinny is at Pukunui Malaysia and while I’ve never technically met Vinny in person, I worked next to him for 16 months. I miss you Vinny, you rock.

There were many other presenters too, I just don’t know them as well. I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself with their presentations while I rewatch iMoot during my commute the next few days.

The Abolsute Hands Down Best Presentation for Mini iMoot 2016

I left off one name from my friends list above because I wanted to single this presentation out. Tish Kirkland is my hero. I met Tish at MoodleMoot 2015 in Melbourne and chatted a little. She joined my professional network, and I’d see updates from her from time to time on my professional social media. But her presentation “Setting up your own business using Moodle” was amazing. She got very personal with her journey of setting up her own educational business (she does IELTS courses online – which I don’t know much about other than she teaches peoples to done speaks goodish english).

I won’t give away why this presentation was so powerful other than to say she opens up about her struggles and successes in this presentation. She had me in tears. Tish, this was the best presentation of Mini iMoot, I can’t say it enough. I’m lucky to call you my friend.

Oh yeah, I was there too

If you want to view my presentations, although with the talent I have listed above, you might tire yourself before you get to me, I had two presentations at Mini iMoot 2016;

Keep an eye out for iMoot 2018, which should be in May. Thank you again Pukunui for making this available online.


Kenneth “Scott” Huntley is a Learning Designer with TAFE NSW (Technical and Further Education, in New South Wales in Australia) and WordPress instructor with The Parramatta College.

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