Link: The rise of cryptocurrency miners as malware


We have started to notice WordPress websites being injected with cryptocurrency miners as a malware attack. Is this the new preferred attack method?

Source: The rise of cryptocurrency miners as malware – Zero Point Development

It’s been a busy two weeks as I bounced between EdtechPosium and wrapping things up for Pukunui, but I wanted to draw your attention to this great article from Wil Brown at Zero Point Development. Wil is a good friend and a WordPress guru; he runs the Sydney meetup and does brilliant WordPress development.

This piece is about Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) miners getting their malware into your WordPress site. Really fascinating stuff from a technical point of view, and great tips to protect yourself. I’ve added the minerBlock Chrome extension based on this article.

Give it a read and protect yourself.


Kenneth “Scott” Huntley is a Learning Designer with TAFE NSW (Technical and Further Education, in New South Wales in Australia) and WordPress instructor with The Parramatta College.

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