A quick note from #ETP17

I’m in Canberra at ADFA/UNSW for EdTechPosium 2017 today. I’m having a great time at this excellent annual edutech conference, and I’ve just survived my first of two presentations here.

EdTechPosium has a Moodle Association of Japan feel to it; perhaps it’s the feeling of community here. The conference is rotated annually amongst different higher ed institutes in Canberra. I was really impressed to see so many ANU volunteers here at a different uni; it goes to show how close the EdTechPosium community is.

This year EdTechPosium was rebranded from the MoodlePosium name, and it really feels like it. There is much conversation about Blackboard and Canvas today. I’m glad that the conference is platform neutral, but I’m still solidly Team Moodle, and I’ve been telling everyone about the Moodle Users Association. I hope that some join us in the Association, either on the organisation or individual level. And I’m glad to be here to represent Pukunui Technology, a silver sponsor of the conference.

What I love most about this conference is summed up by this tweet:

This happens to me every year here. I suppose it means I’m pretty good at building my professional network online, but I really think it’s because this is one of the friendliest edtech conferences in Australia.

I’m looking forward to the dinner tonight and another day of great presentations and networking tomorrow.

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