Are you going to EdtechPosium?

Pukunui Technology is proud to once again (and in a way, for the first time) sponsor EdtechPosium! EdtechPosium, formerly known as MoodlePosium, is an annual conference organised by a collection of six Canberra based institutions. EdtechPosium focuses on educational technologies in the higher learning and vocational education sectors. This year, the theme is Fitting the Tech to Teaching, a fitting topic for the shift from a focus on Moodle to all Educational Technology.

We are not only proud to sponsor EdtechPosium, we are also proud to announce that Pukunui Trainer/Consultant Kenneth Scott Huntley will be presenting on both days. Scott will present on his experience building the ultimate Moodle course template with his last employer. He’ll also show you why he’s called the IoT Moodler with his presentation on using Arduino to teach programming. If you have no idea what Arduino is or why it’s fun to play with, you’ll want to see this talk.

The Campus of ADFA/UNSW Canberra, host of EdTechPosium 2017
The Campus of ADFA/UNSW Canberra, host of EdTechPosium 2017

But equally important, Scott will be there to meet and connect with our clients. We know a lot of you go to events like EdtechPosium, to meet fellow educators and gain insight and inspiration, and Pukunui wants to support you on your journeys of discovery. If you are already planning on going, make it your mission to share a cup of coffee with Scott and tell him your Moodle stories. We all love reconnecting with our clients at Pukunui, and events like these are great opportunities to do so.

And if you aren’t going, well, why not? You’ll have to move fast because registration is closing soon, but this is a great Australian edtech event we are proud to be a part of. We believe you’ll meet new friends and develop a professional network, be inspired by the presenters, including the five amazing keynote speakers, learn more about educational technologies like Moodle, and have a great time.


EdtechPosium runs from October 30 to 31 at UNSW Canberra at ADFA in Campbell, ACT. Tickets are $340.

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Kenneth “Scott” Huntley is a Learning Designer with TAFE NSW (Technical and Further Education, in New South Wales in Australia) and WordPress instructor with The Parramatta College.