Being Elected to 2018 MUA Committee

It is with pride that I announce that I have been elected to the Moodle Users Association (MUA) Committee for 2018. Fourteen members were nominated, including five from the current committee. There are ten spots on the committee, meaning the top ten of the fourteen were elected, and I received the eighth-most votes.

Each Individual Member receives 100 votes to spread accordingly during any MUA vote, and I received exactly 2200 votes. While Gold, Silver and Bronze members (typically organisations such as Universities) do receive more votes to spread, I will assume this means 22 people decided to vote for me. I can discount 100 of those votes as they were mine, meaning there are 21 members I need to thank. And I do suspect, with my vote count being so perfectly even, that 21 members did throw all 100 votes my way. And while voting is completely anonymous, I do have a few ideas of some people who might have voted for me.

Above all else, I am very honoured that 21 of the members have faith in me to elect me. You know that I have a passion for the Moodle community, and I hope to serve you faithfully so that we can continue to grow this wonderful community.

I have so many friends in this community, in New Zealand and Japan from the Moots I’ve attended there; in India, France, the UK, America and my native Canada from my online networks; and here in Australia, from the Moots and Moodleposiums Edtechposiums. You know how proud I am of the diversity of this community – diversity of thought, ideas, approaches we have to educational technology. But most of all, I am proud of our passion.

I know there are people who must hate this job (and look, honestly, there are days when I hate my job at Pukunui, TAFE or even the Parramatta College), but when I talk to you, honestly sit down and have a chat, I can see it; I can see your passion. I can see that you love to teach. There are frustrations, there are bad days, there is red tape and there are budget constraints. But at its core, each and every single moodler I meet loves to teach. This is our passion, and I will carry this forward as my inspiration on the Committee.

I would also like to acknowledge the four people who were not elected. I have read their nomination posts, and I believe they were great candidates. For a while, I was not doing well in the election and it felt terrible. I felt like perhaps my contributions to this community were not acknowledged. I wondered if I should not have put myself up for election. Please know this: just as I have seen that the community does acknowledge my contribution, we acknowledge yours. I have read your nominations and I am honoured to have been in this election with you. I believe you were four great candidates, and I hope this does not discourage you. I hope to get to know you better, I hope we meet at a conference or online, I hope you continue to contribute, and I hope you nominate again.

To the nine other members who were elected, I look forward to working with you. Some of you I know, some of you I don’t, but I know you are all worthy candidates. I cannot wait to get together with you virtually for our first time and meet with you. I have faith we will serve our growing organisation diligently.

Tonight at 1:00 AM my time is our Annual General Meeting. A ridiculous time I know, but with a global organisation, you have to expect to attend meetings with a strong cup of coffee in hand. I cannot wait for this meeting, I will attend with a new found vigour, excited to play a larger role.

Thank you again for your support. I am grateful.

About the Moodle Users Association

Oh, you haven’t heard about the MUA before? No worries, let me give you the quick rundown. The Moodle Users Association is open to anyone who wants to contribute to the future of Moodle. You can be an individual member or your organisation can join at the Gold, Silver or Bronze level. Each member gets votes according to their membership level and twice a year we can vote on Moodle projects put forward by MUA members. Like that course overview block in 3.3? That was one of ours!

Here’s a video on it:

In Other Exciting News

I think I’m going to save this for another blog post later this week, but I have some Edtechposium news to announce too.

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