Link: Online Moodle courses starting 1st October

Online Moodle courses starting 1st October.

This item just came to me this morning from the New Zealand Moodle Users Facebook group; HRDNZ has listed their final online Moodle courses for 2017. All courses start on October 1st, so there’s plenty¬†of time.

HRDNZ is an (the?) official Moodle Partner of New Zealand, and they’re good friends with us at Pukunui, so I don’t mind giving them a plug on my personal page. I always have a good time with Stuart and everyone at the two MoodleMoots they’ve organised in New Zealand and at the iMoots, and I know HRDNZ do quality work.

Of course, if you’re in Australia and you want face-to-face Moodle training, why not check out LMS Training with Pukunui? With me! Yes, of course, this was all a clever plug for our upcoming training dates. Pukunui is running training in Sydney on August 28-30, Melbourne on September 18-20 and in Brisbane on October 9-11.

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