The LX Conference, another great virtual conference

A busy week as I’m at two virtual conferences – iMoot and LX Conference. I’ve spoken quite a bit about iMoot lately, but I haven’t said too much about LX Conference. Perhaps that’s because LX Conference is a brand new thing – this is it’s first (of what I am sure will be many) conferences from Academic Tribe. It is the first online Learning Experience conference.

So, here’s the big confession; I couldn’t really explain what LX is if you asked me right now. I mean, I can guess and tell you what Learning Experience is to me. I’m not sure if it’d be an accurate definition. My background is certainly not academic; I did not study education at university. But life being what it is, the role of educator is one that has been thrust upon me. (For the record, I prefer “trainer” – it feels more like what I do.)

This is okay though. The point of conferences is to learn new things. It’d be a pretty boring waste of money if I was just going to have what I already know thrown back at me. I’m excited. I’m going to learn what LX means. It’s going to make me a better educator (and trainer). It’s going to help me design better Moodle courses (and WordPress sites maybe even?), and help me connect with my students and clients.

There are some great presentations scheduled for the LX Conference. Joyce Seitzinger will be presenting of course; Academic Tribe is running the conference and I’m sure Joyce has a great team helping her. I met Joyce at MoodleMoot Australia 2015 and she is pretty awesome. And she’s a friend of iMoot, even though iMoot and LX Conference slightly overlap. And there are some great presenters lined up for this week.

Tickets for LX Conference are still available and you won’t miss too much if you sign up right now. The first presentations are tomorrow (although the fun has already started in the conference hub).

Between LX Conference and iMoot, I’m really looking forward to some great learning this week.

By the way, the LX Conference encouraged us to create our own conference badge. Here’s the photoshop file for mine, which I’m releasing under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Have fun!

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