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The night before last, my phone woke me up with a notification someone has mentioned me. Sure enough it was WordPress.TV tweeting that my video was online.┬áIn September, if you recall, I presented at WordCamp Sydney on the topic “Three Incredibly Nerd But Ultimately Pointless Topics”. I wanted to explore three topics that I felt wouldn’t be enough for a talk on their own.

Even though it was around 3:00 AM, and I was running Course Creator Training that day, I watched the video of myself.

I always struggle to watch recordings of my presentations. I truly do. I see every mistake I make, every mispronounced word, every stutter, every shaky hand movement. I have to admit, I often don’t finish watching. It’s a funny thing because I don’t ever remember being nervous during the presentations. And everyone comments that they like my presentations. I just can be very hypercritical of myself while watching these videos.

In this video, I paced quite a bit. Something of a habit from my TAFE teacher days. You pace the walkway as you talk so you can see what your students are up to. But it makes for terrible TV, especially every time I walked into the shadows on stage. And you could not see my slides, at all, rendering some of my talking points a little hard to follow.

It’s the WCSyd Wapuu!

Worse, from the angle of the camera, the room looks empty. Ugh. I don’t recall there only being two people in the crowd when I presented.

Well, I do try to force myself watch these things to see what I did wrong and what I did right. And I loved the topic I presented. Conferences should be fun; of course people should learn, but you need those presentations that entertain too. I made a joke about people not learning anything useful from the presentation, but I think actually there was value, and that was a point I was trying to get across.

I didn’t expect people to try to put WordPress on a Gopher server – but from my talk about my struggles, maybe it will encourage someone to try something crazy with WordPress (or Moodle), and try to do something very different.

I didn’t expect people to abandon WordPress for B2Evolution, but I think there’s always value in seeing how other software deals with the issues you face in your workflow. I like to see how Canvas or Totara compares to Moodle.

I didn’t expect everyone to buy a Raspberry Pi that night, but trying new things leads to innovation. And innovation is what drives IT.

Please watch my WordPress.TV presentation, look at the slides, and go out and innovate. (And please forgive me for all the pacing.)

(Major props to the WPSyd people, thank you for all your support getting this on WordPress TV.)

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