Edmodo.com Security Warning

Last week, Keran McKenzie tagged me in a tweet because I was an educator.

I know Keran from BuzzConf last year and because he works with my friend Jack Skinner. I read Keran’s article and I think he makes the point that Edmodo.com is insecure and needs fixing.

Please take some time to read it for yourself.

I think that often in the EduTech world we have a view of security and privacy that borders on “Yeah but would someone really want to do that?” We don’t take this topic seriously. We leave our security in the belief that we aren’t important enough to be worried. I’ve had private conversations with people in our business who believe their school won’t get hacked just because why would someone hack our little high school.

And let’s not forget all our insecure passwords. Remember the furor last year about the students in Penrith who “hacked” into the HSC system? In my opinion guessing a weak password is not hacking. I appreciate how hard it is to generate and remember challenging passwords. I have the argument thrown at me all the time that people just can’t remember passwords and the techy guys have to stop making them pick hard passwords. Well, I’m sorry, people trying to get into your system don’t care that you’re finding it hard to remember anything other than “Password1!”, they just want to get in and they’ll take advantage of your failing memory if they can.


Let’s not forget what’s at stake here. As Keran has pointed out in his article, it was easy to access media on Edmodo that he shouldn’t have been accessing. In a world where we are worried about cyberbullying amongst our children, or about controlling what an ex-partner could and should be able to see, this is terrifying.

I highly recommend you read Keran’s article Security warning — Edmodo.com.

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