Kingdom Hack; a must for students and recent grads.

Sometimes you have to make choices, and they aren’t always easy. I wanted to talk about a great event coming up that I will not be able to attend: Kingdom Hack.

Kingdom Hack falls on November 26 and 27 in Wollongong, NSW. Unfortunately this clashes with BuzzConf, another great event. Both events are run by great friends and I just bought my BuzzConf tickets before I found out about Kingdom Hack. I’d be at both if I could.

One of the founders of Kingdom Hack is a good friend of mine, Developer Steve, and if someone knows Hackathons, it’s this guy. He’s been an organiser, mentor and judge of quite a few over the years, so I knew when he first started talking about Kingdom Hack that it was going to be a quality event.

A few weeks ago at Engage 2016, a one day emerging tech conference for TAFE NSW teachers, there was talk on the Twittersphere about TAFE NSW opening things like Hackerspaces, and having a TAFE NSW hackathon. I would put it to you that, in that spirit of emerging tech and building cool things, we should be encouraging our students to take part in Kingdom Hack. Kingdom Hack will have a huge student focus. It’s taking place at the University of Wollongong, and it’s being run by the Wollongong Information Technology Society – a student organisation. This is what we need to be encouraging our students to take part in!

Tickets for Kingdom Hack are $25 for students. There are wonderful prizes to be won, but the best prize is the networking opportunities, especially for students who are just starting to build their professional networks. Come to Kingdom Hack, get on a team, build something awesome, and make those important connections with other people who love tech.

And hopefully next year, I’ll be able to come along!


Photo Credit: I blatantly stole this from Kingdom Hack’s Facebook page. Sorry.


Kenneth “Scott” Huntley is an Instructional Designer, LMS and WordPress consultant, EdTech conference junkie and all-around general tech nerd.

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