The Indian Ocean

So don’t let your luggage define your travels
Each life unravels differently
And experiences are what make up
The colours of our tapestry

Shane Koyczan, We Are More

The Atlantic Ocean was ubiquitous to my childhood. From my childhood home, I had a view of Liverpool Bay, right off the cold North Atlantic. So many things in Nova Scotia have a nautical theme. The province itself is in either the region of the Maritimes or Atlantic Canada, depending upon whom you speak with and how much they like Newfoundland (or more likely how much they want to be obtuse to the current Upper Canadian they’re talking to, because Maritimers love Newfoundlanders). Neptune rules over Nova Scotia still.

I swam in the Atlantic Ocean – the cold cold Atlantic Ocean – many times. I’ve lived beside it for the first 20 years of my life. Halifax is the Warden of the North and Nova Scotia is Canada’s Ocean Playground.

The Atlantic was the only ocean I knew until my 26. That year I moved to Vancouver and met the Pacific. I suppose the waters around Vancouver are technically the Georgia Strait, and even on those day trips to Victoria, I saw seeing the Strait of Juan de Fuca. And even when I moved to Sydney, I’m often told that when I look out at Stanwell Tops, it’s the Tasman Sea I’m seeing. To me, it’s the Pacific.

It’s fair to say the Atlantic was the ocean of my childhood and the Pacific of my adult life.

On Friday I crossed an item off my bucket list. I told my coworkers at Pukunui that I wasn’t leaving Perth until I saw the Indian Ocean. And to his credit, my boss Dom took me out for a tour, including a stop at Cottesloe Beach.

The Indian Ocean.

How often do you cross something big off your bucket list?

A panorama of the ocean
Panorama at Cottesloe Beach

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