So a WordPresser goes to MoodleMoot…

This week I’ve been in Perth for MoodleMoot Australia; the first MoodleMoot in Moodle’s home city. It’s great to be here, because it’s also Pukunui Australia‘s home city. It’s also the closest I’ll get on dry land to my birth antipode.

This has been my second Australian Moot, although I’ve attended one in New Zealand and one in Japan. As I was commenting after WordCamp, it’s almost poetic to me to follow a WordCamp Sydney with a Moot. For WCSyd 14 it was MoodleMoot New Zealand 14. MootNZ14 was very good, I met some good friends I have still. And next week, I’ll be back to New Zealand in Whangarei for MootNZX, celebrating HRDNZ’s 10 years as a Moodle Partner, and presenting some IoT magic.

Scott in front of the Moodle letters
Scott at MootAU16

It’s great to be back for an Aussie MoodleMoot; I only really joined this community two years ago, so I don’t know a Moot not run by Moodle HQ. Last year’s was fantastic, and while I wasn’t speaking at this year’s Moot, I have had a great time catching up with old friends and new friends. I must have made an impression last year as I’ve been recognised still. I don’t know if I can attend a Moodle conference without being asked if I have an Arduino or Raspberry Pi on me. No of course I don’t – they’re back in my hotel room1.

It was great to have a catch up with Martin too and some of the other Moodle HQ people I know. I think they’re very proud to have it here in their home town this year.

I know I get a little grief for being a WordPress fan at a Moodle conference. I get it, but I always believe you need more than one tool in the toolbox. Anyone who believe you only need one tool has never gone camping and tried to eat pancakes with a swiss army knife. Just get a fork and knife. A WordPress site can have a place in your institution. And there are actually people writing plugins to connect the two.

I was also able to attend the inaugural  Annual General Meeting of the Moodle Users’ Association. I was quite proud, as an individual member, to cast my votes. I believe the MUA is a great way that we as a community can contribute to Moodle.

You can also read my friend and fellow Moodler Julian Davis’ take on the Moot. I’m going to charge him $10 for pluging his site on mine, he just doesn’t know it yet.

The Moodley goodness is winding up here in Perth, but I’m glad that I have more MoodleMoot fun planned for next week. Thank you Perth.

But one complaint – my lanyard name is spelled wrong!



  1. True story. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and a Raspberry Pi Zero in my hotel room.


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