So a Moodler goes to WordCamp…

This past weekend I attended WordCamp Sydney 2016. WordCamps are WordPress conferences held the world over and WCSyd was the second WordCamp in Australia this year, the first being on the Sunshine Coast. I missed the Sunshine Coast event, as well as WordCamp Brisbane last year. This was my first WordCamp in awhile actually. And I didn’t know what to expect in a way.

WordCamp Sydney is a bit like coming home. I have been more Moodle than WordPress as of late. And I certainly have been more Edutech and eLearning than web design and development. I used to be more heavily involved in the Sydney WordPress community. For a little while, I was running the WordPress Parramatta Meetup. But then, I started focusing more on Moodle. It wasn’t because I don’t love WordPress, I just wanted to change focus. I have been training people for a few years now, and I felt like I wanted to focus on the training, not necessarily the product.

So when I do resurface in the WordPress community, it feels awesome to be welcomed home. I don’t want to single out anyone because I’ll invariably forget to mention someone important, but I really love WPSyd for the love and support they’re always providing me. And for that matter, the members of the Melbourne and Brisbane communities are pretty awesome for being there for me as well.

A Wapuu holding the Opera House
It’s the WCSyd Wapuu!

I was grateful that the community (because it is community organised) allowed this Moodler to present at WordCamp. And even more grateful that they took a chance with my crazy presentation submission. I didn’t know if they’d take a chance with “Three Incredibly Nerdy (But Ultimately Pointless) Topics.” Who allows someone to present on Gopher or B2Evolution at WordCamp?

WordCamp Sydney was an awesome event, and it was great to reconnect with old friends. WordCamps are typically $50 tickets – can you find a better value tech conference? So a little bird told me there might be one in the first quarter of 2017 – keep an eye out.

But finally, one last thing to mention, I did tweet that coming back to WordPress was coming home. And while conversing with my Moodle friend Nat about her roots in Joomla, it reminded me that I have so many great friends in Moodle. I’m writing this now from MootAU16, around people who met me at the last one. Being here in Perth, in Pukunui’s city, and in Moodle’s city, I’m reminded that a man can have two homes. I’m Canadian, I’m Australian – they’re both home. I’m a Moodler, I’m a WordPresser – they’re both home.

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