Podcast Suggestions: The Improvised Star Trek

Here’s something a little off-topic; a post that isn’t about Moodle, WordPress or the IoT. And it’s not so much of a rant as it is a suggestion. Do yourself a favour and add the Improvised Star Trek to your playlist.

The premise is pretty simple; it’s a Star Trek show. They’re in the same Star Trek universe as all the TV shows and movies. But they take suggestions for show titles from fans before hand, either from their Facebook fans or their Twitter followers. And usually, at some point all Star Trek cannon kinda goes out the window; before you know it, everyone on the ship is posting on their Instagrams or chasing Pokemon through their holodeck.

The cast and crew of Improvised Star Trek
The Crew of the USS Sisyphus, recording an episode. This photo was stolen from their website, with absolutely no permission obtained. I expect a take-down notice from maybe Chris Rathjen or Nick Wagner shortly. Your United Federation of Planets laws have no authority here in the Commonwealth of Australia, ha ha! (I apologise, please don’t hurt me.)

I have to admit, I’m not the best of fans; I binge listen to them. I save up a few episodes and when I need a good laugh, I burn through the pile I burnt up. And occasionally, I’ll still want more and go through back episodes.

I think it’s a really clever idea, and they do a great job of nailing improv comedy on what should be a difficult platform to perform improv. I can’t seem to find the first episode I ever stumbled across in their archives; Captain Baxter called a “Silver Alert”, which it was revealed involved the “Silver Alert Ball”, complete with formal attire.  The concept of a Star Fleet crew picking out what they’d wear on the red carpet left me quite amused.

I have many favourite episodes, and I’ve been honoured to have my suggestion chosen thrice!

I know their humour isn’t for everyone, you have to be a bit of a Star Trek/Sci-Fi geek to get the joke. But it is one of my favourite podcasts to download before a plane flight or car ride. Do yourself a favour and check them out.


Kenneth “Scott” Huntley is an Instructional Designer, LMS and WordPress consultant, EdTech conference junkie and all-around general tech nerd.

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