…and Hello! (The start of a new journey)

I’ve hinted for some time that I have big news coming; the time is finally here to announce.

I am joining the Pukunui Technology family as a consultant/trainer.

I am excited to join Pukunui, as I’ve got some friends who already work for Pukunui, and they have a great history and reputation. This new position means I’ll be following my passion for eLearning and training. It means I’ll be able to go to more conferences, meet more people, have more great conversations about Moodle and other learning management systems. It means I’ll be training the trainers, helping them to build better courses and reach more students. It means I’ll be able to try even more crazy-outside-the-box thinking to solving LMS and eLearning problems.

Who is Pukunui? And how do I say that?

“Poo-koo-noo-ee” (but say it faster). Our founder and Managing Director Shane Elliott is a Kiwi, hence the origin of the name.

Pukunui has been around since 2000, and has offices in Perth, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. Pukunui offers Moodle hosting, Moodle training, custom Moodle solutions, pretty much a wide range of services to cover all your elearning needs. Pukunui has a long history with Moodle and is the company behind the yearly iMoot.

Pukunui is also a Mahara partner. I’ve never used Mahara, but it’s been on my list of things to get my head around, as there are so many people using Mahara in conjunction with Moodle.

Although our Australian head office is in Perth, I’ll be staying here in Sydney. As I mentioned, I will be travelling a bit, running training sessions and consulting with our clients around Australia. And I’ll be attending conferences and meetups talking to people about Pukunui.

My official start date is August 8th, but I’m actually going to be at the next round of Sydney training in late July.

Final thoughts?

I’m super excited to be working for Pukunui. Of course, I’m changing jobs, leaving the security of a job that I know and understand and doing something new, so that is a bit scary. But I know this is going to be a great fit.

I already knew a few people at Pukunui, having met at meetups and moots, and I loved their passion for eLearning. I thought, “this is a company I could work for”. 

As it turns out, a couple people at Pukunui knew me, saw me at moots and meetups, and loved my passion for eLearning. They thought, “this is a guy we should hire.”

And here we are, at the start of a new journey.

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