Goodbyes… (My last day as Miller TAFE Scott)

I’m writing this post on an old friend I’ll never see again; my office computer.

If you know the real Scott, you know how sentimental he is, and you’ll know even typing that choked me up a little. Today is my last day as Miller TAFE Scott. The observant among you might have noticed I swapped Twitter handle a few weeks ago from @MillerTAFEScott to @kshuntley, but that might not have given it away. I am leaving Miller TAFE; I will no longer be teaching here.

Am I leaving SWSi? Am I leaving TAFE all together?

I will be stepping away from SWSi TAFE, but only to some extent. I was never employed as a full time teacher at SWSi, I was just a part-time teacher who worked close to full time hours. I’m going to still be working some hours for SWSi TAFE, but my main employer will change. We’re between semesters so my exact role at SWSi isn’t entirely clear, but I will probably not be doing face-to-face classroom teaching any more.

I still love everyone at SWSi, and I still believe in TAFE. I’ll miss my students, and it will be a change of pace getting out of the classroom, but I’ll probably still have some virtual students to deal with.

I could feel though that I needed a change, and perhaps my students needed a fresh set of eyes too. I believe that every project needs to have a change in the team from time to time. I don’t know who this torch will be passed to, but the students at Miller TAFE need to have their web class passed to fresh eyes and fresh ideas.

I want to stress, this was my choice. Miller TAFE certainly didn’t want to see me go, and I wanted to wait until the end of the semester to make the transition easier for my students. It’s time for the process of renewal to begin, for Miller TAFE and for me.

So where are you going? What are you going to do?

Today is about the end of this chapter. I’ll start the next chapter with you next week. After all, suspense is the key to any good story.


A few photos from my last day

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