CFPs of Note (and Colds of Infamy)

So I promised I’d try to post once a week; but that was Monday last week and here I am on Friday evening.

Well, I have an excuse; a note from my doctor… almost. I didn’t bother going to the doctor, but I’ve had the most miserable cold all this week. It was lovingly shared to me by my wonderful wife, but I don’t blame her. This is the married life, you catch what she caught, and vice versa.

Anyway, this week has gone fast, almost as if I’ve been in bed for most of it. But I didn’t want to let the week slip by without a post.

Speaking of time slipping away, there’s four CFPs that should be on your radar.

WordCamp Sydney 

I’m not sure when their CFP ends, but I’d submit a talk soon if I were you. WordCamp Sydney runs September 24 & 25 at UTS in Sydney. I’m a big supporter of the Australian WordPress community and WordCamps are great for striking that balance between the developer and blogger.

  • 30 Min Presentations + 10 Min Q&A, Closes sometime… will update when I find out.

MoodleMoot Australia 

MoodleMoot Australia will be held in Perth this year from September 27 to 29; Perth being the home of Moodle HQ. I was super excited to be an Invited Speaker to the last MoodleMoot (have I mentioned that at least 10 times yet?) and I only put in for a short talk; so of course you should put in for this one! Who knows, maybe your topic will catch the interest of the selection commitee like mine did last year.

  • 15 Min Presentations, 7 Min Presentations, Poster Presentations, Closes 11 July 2016.

MoodleMoot NZX 

MoodleMoot New Zealand will be held in Whangarei this year, at NorthTec from October 5 to 7. HRDNZ, which organises MoodleMoot NZ has been a Moodle Partner for 10 years, hence the X in NZX. MootNZ14 was my first Moot, and I have some great friends across the ditch, so I think I’m going to have to put in for this one.

  • 15 Min Presentations, Half Day Workshops, Closes 14 July 2016


One of these things is not like the others…Okay, well hear me out.

BuzzConf is not your typical conference, and it’s certainly not the typical eLearning or edutech conference that I usually attend. But it’s the conference you need to attend. And it’s not a conference, at least not like any you’ve been to. BuzzConf is a festival, with camping, music, fireside chats, and killer spider robots. It’s more than family friendly, it’s the tech conference where your kids will be taking part by building arduino weather stations. BuzzConf is all about the future, and the talks last year were awesome.

And we need more eLearning people there! You need to hear the amazing guests they have lined up giving their visions of the future. It’s Ed friendly. So why don’t you give your vision of the future. If you’re into eLearning, mLearning, IoT and education, you need to put in a talk! BuzzConf takes place in Ballan, Victoria on November 25 to 27.

  • 30 Min Talks, Workshops (?), Closes 29 July 2016

So there’s my homework for the weekend; I have four CFPs to action.I’m hoping I’ll be at all four of these events. Will you join me?

In the meantime, please send Codral Cold and Flu, Strepsils and orange juice (no pulp).

Photo Credit: Bulletin Board on the Infinite Corridor at MIT. 2004 Joseph Barillari.


Kenneth “Scott” Huntley is an Instructional Designer, LMS and WordPress consultant, EdTech conference junkie and all-around general tech nerd.

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