Have you heard about BuzzConf?

This November I’ll be speaking at BuzzConf, and interesting take on the traditional technology conference.

BuzzConf has been described to me as camping meets unconf meets hackathon. Rick Giner, one of the organisers, has been describing it as this:

What is BuzzConf? Think Burning Man, but instead of a desert and hippies, there are trees & 3D-printed robot spiders!

I don’t know if I’m keen on spiders, of any kind, but the other organiser is Ben Dechrai, a real top bloke I met at PHP NZ 14. He’s a brilliant speaker and all around nice guy.

I'm speaking at BuzzConf Technology Festival. November 14-15, 2015. Ballan, Australia
Come hear me speak about eLearning and IoT!

When the Call for Proposals went out for BuzzConf, I pitched my eLearning and IoT talk, but wasn’t expecting to hear back anything positive. It was actually Jack Skinner who peer pressured me into submitting. I’d been to so many conferences this year, and Moodle Moot Japan was such a huge one, I was trying to cut back on conference proposal submissions. I am very glad I was accepted though and as we get closer, I’m getting more excited.

The speaker line up looks great; my good friend and Bitcoin Champion Adriana Belotti is a speaker too. I’m really excited to hang out with these people and build something cool.

BuzzConf bills itself as:

an immersive technology festival in which technologists and enthusiasts can discuss, dissect, and define the future landscape
of global technology and how it can be applied to a diverse set
of industries, including health, education, and logistics.

To me, that sounds like my kind of event. I’m hoping that I can inspire some of these cool people to build ways to connect eLearning with the real world.  If you know me, you know that I’m a dreamer, and I want to be among fellow dreamers who work to say “how can we make this come true?”  In the future computers in the classroom won’t be equal to computers in a dusty computer lab. I want to talk about that vision I have and have fellow dreamers help me build it.

I’m sure you’ll read many more BuzzConf posts in the coming weeks.

Want to go to BuzzConf?

BuzzConf is November 14 & 15 in Ballan, Victoria, but people will be camping from the 13th to the 16th.

This is going to be a fun conference. Register here; Early Bird tickets are going fast, as is accommodation (if you’re a princess like me who doesn’t want to sleep outside!)

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