Turning over a new leaf

September isn’t known for being a time of resolutions; People usually wait until January 1st for those. But why wait?

Single red leaf on the ground.
A single red leaf on the ground. Photo by Caryn Huntley.

I have been teaching WordPress at SWSi TAFE and the Parramatta College for a while, and it’s a bit ridiculous that I don’t actually have a blog of my own. I do love the WordPress platform, but I’ve never been a big blogger type of person.

However, given that I’ve presented at Moodle Moot Australia 2015 (Moodle being my other favourite platform), and that I have MoodlePosium, OSDC and BuzzConf coming up, it’s obvious that I have something to say.

So I’ve decided to start blogging again, twice a week at a minimum, all about tech from my point of view; expect lots of EduTech, IoT, Arduino, Moodle and WordPress thoughts and tips in this space in the future.

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